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Get Your Sno-Balls!

Mar 19 2013

The Southern Foodways Alliance posted a nice article today about snoballs in New Orleans and our opening day. It also includes this video of pictures of Hansen’s through the years with audio from a 2011 interview with Ashely and Jerry.

Our old screen door

Aug 13 2012

We gave our old screen door to our good friend Gator Girl. She turned it into a beautiful work of art for us to hang up in the shop.

Snoball Door

If you want a copy for yourself, prints are available from her Etsy shop.

Unknown Food Critic: Top four sno-balls

Jun 08 2012

We are excited to learn that Napoleon BonAppetit (aka the Unknown Food Critic) at WWLTV tapped Hansen’s as his Top Pick for Snoballs!

The 40 Year Old Hansen’s Virgin…

May 23 2012

The delicate handmade ices are the most ephemeral and simple of desserts, and I was as giddy as the seven year old next to me as I shoveled subsequent spoonfuls of the brightest lime flavored confection I’d ever had until my head literally hurt.

Read James Cullen’s full article in Louisiana Culture and Kitchen.


Snowballs are a staple of the New Orleans summer

Nov 14 2011

Check out 1943: Snowballs are a staple of the New Orleans summer (or page A-9 of today’s Times Picayune) for a great highlight of New Orleans snoball history and especially the contributions of Ernest and Mary Hansen and Hansen’s Snobliz!! Great old photos too!


Recent write-ups

Jul 29 2011

We’ve been getting a lot of great press lately. Here are some recent articles about Hansen’s that have been published online.

The 21st-Century Snoball

“In New Orleans, people have a sno-ball like other people have a coffee,” says Ashley Hansen, who runs Hansen’s Sno-Bliz, the legendary Uptown sno-ball business her late grandparents Mary and Ernest Hansen started in 1939. “You see fathers and daughters coming in together, people come from the office, it’s an outing where you get a sno-ball and you catch up. Sometimes you look around and there isn’t a single kid in line here.”

Photos: Summer Means Sno-balls! – Great set of pictures from the Tulane New Wave.

Tour of the New Orleans’ sno-ball stands nets chilly samplings – The Houston Chronicle

Unlike most shops that pack the top of their sno-balls using a mold to create a tidy helmet, Hansen’s are shaggy, free-form tops – call it the “natural” look. I decide to try the much-loved nectar flavor and discover why it is a city favorite. It tastes like a luxurious, milky cream soda. After seeing a woman top hers with a sticky cap of marshmallow cream, I decide to copy. It’s an extravagant sno-ball that I take my time to enjoy.

Dining Out: Hansen’s Sno-Bliz – OffBeat Magazine

In a city whose weather makes it difficult to notice the change in seasons, the opening and closing of Hansen’s Sno-Bliz is as reliable an indicator of the temperature as the fluctuation in our electricity bills. Since 1939, the Hansen family has provided New Orleanians with a budget-friendly respite from the sweltering heat. Crossing the threshold of the door transforms every grown man and woman into the giddy, sugar-seeking children they once were. It’s a Field of Dreams experience, with an un-air conditioned shack on Tchoupitoulas substituting as the role of a corn field in Iowa.


GoNOLA TV Presents: Hansen’s Sno-Bliz

May 23 2011

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National attention

Aug 02 2009

In the past week, Hansen’s has been in 3 major newspapers / magazines.

First, Hansen’s was listed as the New Orleans location in USA Today’s “10 great places to eat regionally, eat well.”

The “eat + run” section of August issue of Every Day with Rachel Ray magazine, focused on shaved ice. Hansen’s was one of four in the country that were listed.

Finally, the Los Angeles Times author Kathy Price-Robinson did “A search for New Orleans’ best snowball“. In my opinion, she wrote one of the most lovely descriptions of what it is like to visit Hansen’s:

“As I watch the creation of my snowball, I feel as though I’m in Ashley’s kitchen. She layers the snow and syrup, one after another, snow then syrup, snow then syrup, in a leisurely manner. She isn’t so much cycling through the customers as she is honoring her grandparents. What that means, though, is slow service… . [The] wedding cake does not disappoint. It tastes like cake and frosting in a cup and the snow is soft, light and irresistible. It could well be the finest human-made snow on the planet. It’s perfect, really.”

Roadfood at Hansen’s

May 31 2009

Roadfood menuLast month the Louisiana Roadfood Festival tour stopped by Hansen’s for some snoballs on their way out to the bayou.

This is what Bruce Bilmes and Sue Boyle had to say about it on the Roadfood Digest blog:

This is New Orleans, good people, so Stephen added a Roadfood lagniappe to the trip: on the way, the buses stopped at Hansen’s Sno-Bliz! … There were three flavors available for Roadfooders: Satsuma, Strawberry (?), and Nectar. Did we hear somebody say that Nectar was some sort of citrus/vanilla combo? Satsuma was a tart orange flavor that Sue and Bruce tried and found extremely refreshing. The others were said to be sweeter. You could have had yours with some sweetened condensed milk on top too, if you wished. We wished!

Kiki Maraschino at Here, Eat This:

At Sno Bliz they layer ice and syrup to make sure the ice is fully saturated. When I asked the difference between a snowball and a snow bliz, they said, “well, it is our brand name.” They also have a flavor called “bliz” that most people liken to tart strawberry. I love that they have a size called “baby duper”.

Other posts about the stop can be found at Eating in Translation and The Jetsetting Fool Cooks (and Eats!).

Hansen’s Featured on AG Minute

May 23 2009

TWILA TV’s Lauren Thom explores the history of an iconic icy New Orleans treat on the Louisiana Farm Bureau’s AG Minute.

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