Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have Sno-Bliz at my event?

Of course. We offer both catering and large Sno-Bliz options. For more information, see our Catering page.

Do you have sugar free flavors?

Yes! Several of our flavors have a sugar free option. They are marked on the flavors page with a ± next to their name.

Do you sell your syrups?

We have, in the past, sold small amounts of our syrups for individual use. If you are interested in purchasing some for personal use, please contact us.

Do you take credit cards?

Yes, we can accept credit cards. A $1.00 convenience fee will be applied to all credit card purchases.

How do I order a sno-bliz?

First, figure out what size cup you want. There is a price under the cup. Use that to name the cup size when ordering.

Second, figure out if you want a specialty sno-bliz, such as an atomic or hot rod, or just a normal sno-bliz (maybe with a topping).

Third, figure out your flavor or flavors and any toppings you might want to have.

For example: “I’ll have a $5 cream of nectar with condensed milk on top.”

Where can I get a Hansen’s t-shirt?

The official Hansen’s Sno-Bliz t-shirts are sold by Dirty Coast Press. You can buy them at their store or through their online store.

You can also buy both the regular Sno-Bliz t-shirt and the special 75th anniversary shirts at Hansen’s.

Why is there always such a long line?

Because we believe there is no shortcut to quality.

Will you open another shop at ____ location?

No. We have no interest in opening up more stands. We like being unique. We do offer on-site catering for events.