Ice Shaving Machine
Ernest Hansen's patent for his "Ice Shaving Machine". US. Patent Number 2515923. First two pages are detailed diagrams of the machine. Last two pages have information about the diagrams and basic information about how the machine works.

"An ice shaving machine comprising a casing, an ice chamber in said casing, a cutter unit disposed at one end of the ice chamber, a discharge spout leading from said end, a follower member in said chamber, means for moving said follower member in the chamber for urging a block of ice into engagement of the cutter unit, a presser plate hingedly secured at one end within the ice chamber and adapted to bear upon the block of ice, a rod extending from said plate, resilient means disposed on said rod, an operating bar secured on the rod, a foot pedal and flexible connecting means between said bar and the pedal for advancing said bar downwardly upon actuation of the petal"
Id number
Physical dimensions (in.)
8.25" x 11.75"
Coverage 1930s-1950s
Creator Ernest Hansen
Date Filing date: Nov 2, 1946
Contributor Google Patents
Date Issue date: Jul 1950
Subject Machine
Format PDF
Type Text