Snowed in for Fifty Years
Article from the Times-Picayune on April 24, 1989 about the opening day of the 50th year of Hansen's Sno-Bliz.

"[Mike] Keller and every other Hansen's veteran in line listed three reasons for their loyalty: First, the consistency of the ice created by Ernest Hansen's one-of-a-kind snowball machine: "It's shaved fine like powdered snow," said Bill Soltz from the ninth spot in line. Second, the quality of the flavors Mary Hansen makes fresh at home every day: "You can't get anything at all like their lemonade flavor anywhere else," Pam Keller said. Third, and possibly most important, the Hansens themselves. "In addition to the excellent product, it's the personalities of the Hansens," Mike Keller said. "They are the nicest people in business. They do business the old-fashioned way — they let you know they appreciate your business."
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