About the Sno-Bliz Online Collection


The online exhibit was created by Allison King as the culmination of her Masters program in Information Studies at the University of Texas at Austin in collaboration with Ashley Hansen. The purpose of this online exhibit is to showcase some of the memorabilia collected over the years by Ernest and Mary Hansen.

To read more about the creation of the Sno-Bliz Online Exhibit, check out the Sno-Bliz Blog.

Scope and Focus

For the online exhibit, materials were selected that were representational of the types of items in the collection, the variety of customers, and the span of years that Hansen's Sno-Bliz has been in business.

Submitting Materials

If you have pictures of Hansen's Sno-Bliz that you would like us to include in this exhibit, please send them to collections@snobliz.com. All submitted images become property of Hansen's Sno-Bliz.

Instead of submitting to the collection, images may also be posted to the Hansen's Sno-Bliz Flickr Group. Images posted to this group are not property of Hansen's.


Unless specifically stated, all items belong to Hansen's Sno-Bliz. Materials may be used for academic and instructional use only. All other uses require the express permission of Hansen's Sno-Bliz. Questions and inquiries regarding all rights and permissions concerning the imagery and contents of this site may be addressed to collections@snobliz.com

All materials not copyright to Hansen's Sno-Bliz are put up under Fair Use. If you are the copyright holder and wish us to remove the item, please let us know at collections@snobliz.com.

Technical Details

The Sno-Bliz Online Exhibit is run using OpenCollection Digital Library software.

All of the first set of digitized materials, except the collages and audio-visual materials, were scanned using a Brother MFC-465CN scanner at Hansen's Sno-Bliz. The collages were scanned on a DigiBook in the Digitization Center in the PC Library at the University of Texas at Austin. All two-dimensional materials were digitized as 400 dpi lossless TIFFs with 24-bit color depth. The audio-visual materials were digitized at the School of Information's computer lab. Born digital materials, photographs and movies, settings varied depending on the settings of the digital camera.


Allison King would like to thank the following people who helped take this project from an idea to a reality:

  • Gary Geisler, my Capstone Project Faculty Advisor, for supervising the project and giving me good pointers when I was stuck.
  • Uri Kolodney and Kevin O'Sullivan at the UT Digitization Lab who let me bring in the collages and digitized them for me on the DigiBook.
  • The School of Information's IT Staff and Teaching Assistants for all of their help and advice.
  • Jen and Thomas at Drak.net for always being there to answer my strange questions about how their services worked.
  • Seth at OpenCollection.org for helping me set up OpenCollection and checking in with me to make sure that the project was going well.
  • And finally, Ashley Hansen, who was willing to let me do this in the first place.

Ashley Hansen would like to thank:

  • My father, my uncle, my sister, and all of the Hansen family for supporting my desire to keep Hansen's Sno-Bliz running after the death of my grandparents.
  • Ben Springgate and his family
  • Allison King and her entire family
  • And last, but not least, all of the customers of Hansen's Sno-Bliz who keep coming back year after year.