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We just reached 7500 Likes on our Facebook page! To celebrate, we’re giving away one 75th Anniversary t-shirt and one 75th Anniversary koozie to a lucky fan.

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  1. Meacco says:

    I’m bringing my kids there today for snowballs. I tried to go yesterday (Memorial Day) & should have known better when there wasn’t a line.

  2. Hannah says:

    I used to love grabbing a snobliz, then browsing the used bookstore across the street!

  3. Rosy says:

    My favorite Hansen’s experience was my first visit when I finally moved to the city. It was a line wraped around the small corner and I knew I was in the right place. When I finally got inside, I read the articles on the wall and followed the yellow line on the flooor. Finally I got me first of many “what will you be having today?”

  4. Gina Murphy says:

    Favorite memory is each and every visit cause the sno-blitz are yummy and Ashely is the sweetest person on earth that smile and some sno can bring peace on earth.

  5. gretchen murphy says:

    My favorite Hansen’s memory is when I was a little girl going with my parents and brothers on a hot summer day and seeing Ms Mary and Mr Ernest and watching them make our snowball, filling the cup ‘art of the way, adding our syrup, putting more ice and then overflowing the syrup till it ran onto the counter. Then eating our cream of nectar (still my favorite) outside while my dad told us how he used to go to Hansen’s when they first opened.

  6. Angela Herbert White says:

    My favorite memory happens each time I go!

  7. Eve says:

    The first time I elected to add a drizzle of that heavenly sweetened condensed milk onto my snoball. Total game changer.

  8. jodie says:

    brought my grandmother home from hospital and we stopped at sno bliz to surprise her!

  9. Amy says:

    I really don’t have a favorite. For the past 30+years, every time I take a sip of a cream of peach, I am instantly HAPPY! I have driven from Marrero and now Baton Rouge to get one.

  10. Sara Johnson says:

    One of many favorite memories, was stopping by Hansen’s after school at Ursuline with Ashley Yuratich … best after-school treat ever!!

  11. Emily says:

    Watching my 1 yr old trying a Snoball for the first time. Wedding cake! 🙂

  12. Ashlee Lensmyer says:

    The day before our wedding, my soon-to-be husband and I had a short list of things that we wanted to do in NOLA with just the 2 of us before we met up with friends for FQF. On the top of that list was get a snowball from Hansen’s. It was such a special time for us to be able to do this, especially since we were getting married later the next day down the road at Rosy’s Jazz Hall. We LOVED having our first Hansen’s the day before we were starting our new life together 🙂

  13. Ryan says:

    I remember making the walk to Hansen’s with my grandmother during the summers of my childhood. She didn’t drive but was willing to make her grandsons happy.

  14. Marisa Paul says:

    My favorite memory was/always is seeing Ash behind the counter!

  15. Megan says:

    I’m from Virginia, and I’m so glad Hansen’s was the first sno bliz I tried last summer! So yummy!

  16. Bridget says:

    My favorite memory is the second time I went to Hansen’s and I got three flavors instead of two! I got vanilla bean, cream of chocolate, and strawberry shortcake. And, it was stuffed! It was delish. We waited in line patiently for 30 minutes and then drove to the Fly to enjoy the deliciousness 🙂

  17. Blathering says:

    I remember Mary asking my ex to change the setting on the ceiling fan for her since he was so tall. After he did, she said that he could be her boyfriend for helping. Seriously it was so sweet that he blushed.

  18. Mike says:

    I’ll never forget the first time my girlfriend, now wife took me to New Orleans. She grew up here, for me it was my first time visiting. She shared a lot of her childhood memories with me that trip, none tasted as delicious the snoball I had that day. I think it’s at least part of the reason why we decided to move here.

  19. Betsy says:

    I make a new favorite Hansen’s experience almost every time I visit, which is only a few times a year. The shop and people are so special, and the snoballs are AMAZING. The thing I’m thinking of now is the day I discovered the “trifecta” snoball: ginger, lime, cream of coconut. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

  20. Shannon says:

    Hansen’s is my love and Ashely helped make sure of it. In 2003, my out of town bridemaids were coming to NOLA and wanting to try the snoballs I had raved about for years. Ashley opened up early so that we could fit it into our wedding weekend. Ashley served us wedding cake flavor with confetti sprinkels. We even got a tour and saw a wedding photos of her grandparents behind the counter. It was a special day. Thanks, Ashley!

  21. Rachel says:

    My favorite SnoBliz memory has to be my first ever visit to the store. I got lime and cherry together. Not only was it a solid combo, but the treat I tasted was perfect. I have never had ice so smooth from anywhere else. There are a few other big name snowball places in New Orleans, but they don’t matter. Hansen’s is hands down the only place to go if you want the treat done right. That first time was the day my life changed forever.

  22. Teresa says:

    I’ve been going to hansen’s for 34 years…. I love when I walk in and they know what I like and always have a smile for me

  23. Nadia says:

    My favorite memory is introducing my daughter to Hansen’s for the first time.

  24. Robyn Crossman says:

    My favorite memory is bringing my husband (a Vermonter) to Hansens for the first time! Teaching him the ways of our New Orleans is imperative! Hansen’s is PART of that tradition!

  25. Angela says:

    I remember going since I was a little kid. My mom re-married and moved the family to Florida. We missed you so much that my mom bought hot rod gallons (in the plastic old ice cream tubs, the ones with lids), and flew them home in coolers. They even have a sno cone machine in Florida and make their own syrups. When I moved back to nola, Hansen’s was one of the first stops I brought my husband.

  26. Chessica says:

    Love this place!! Heaven on Earth!

  27. Fonnie says:

    My favorite memory is first discovering Hansens after having lived here for many years. We took our boys and stood in line and enjoyed our rewards for it after. Every time we are in the area they ask to stop at Hansens

  28. Julia says:

    Every trip is my favorite trip! waiting in the long lines in the summer sun is so worth it when I finally have a snoball in my hands 🙂 🙂

  29. Luis says:

    Few things gift me such joy as heading home to New Orleans and spending an afternoon at the fly devouring a med strawberry with condensed milk and crushed pineapple from hansen’s.

    I have lived in Washington DC for ten years and try to make it back home as often as possible. Everytime I get back things are a little different, that is except for Hansen’s. Always a reminder of my life back home since I was a child. You name any point in my life and you were there. A day at the zoo with the parents when I was a kid – Hansen’s! Playing hooky from Jesuit – Hansen’! First serious girlfriend regular date spot – Hansen’s! Finishing up spring finals at Loyola – Hansen’s! … and now, as a Grown up taking my friends down to discover NOLA – Hansen’s!

    Yep, a med strawberry with condensed milk and crushed pineapple means the world to me. Prabably because it is a little part of home.

    Thank you guys !


  30. Christy says:

    I had my first Hansen’s snoball last year. When I got there there was a long line but unlike other long lines I’ve been in everyone was in a good mood. Older people, couples, parent with their children, everyone was busily deciding what flavor to get. I chose a simple half vanilla bean half cardamom – I have never had a icy treat so decadent in my life! I live out of state but am looking forward to making the trip over to Hansen’s many times this summer!

  31. david kimberly says:

    Growing up in California, we looked forward to our summer trips to NOLA first for family and second for Hansen’s.

  32. Heather Massaro says:

    By far the best snoballs in Nola! I love the Brown Pelican with condensed milk on top and my husband loves the George’s.

    Every time we drive past the stand, even if we can’t stop, my 2 year old son will start yelling snoballs and usually won’t stop till we get home! Needless to say we’ve trained him to love Hansens and only Hansens!!

  33. Becky DiMarco says:

    As a teenager we rode our bikes to Hansen’s, my favorite has always been coconut with condensed milk!! I was recently in New Orleans and went out of my way to get a Hansen’s Sno Blitz!! Best there is in my opinion!

  34. Jessie says:

    Favorite sno bliz memory- it’s a toss up between the giant party size snoball we got for my daughters first birthday party and opening day this year. It definitely wasn’t sno ball weather but the line was out the door b/c people had been waiting MONTHS for a sweet taste of the best sno ball in NOLA.

  35. Libby says:

    My favorite Hansen’s memory is when I brought my little brother to have a snowball on the opening day of your 75th day! He was visiting from way up in Montana and LOVED your snowballs!

  36. Rocky Bourg says:

    After less than a dozen trips to the counter, I was proud when Mr. Hansen recognized me and, without hesitation began preparing my standard Hansen’s appetizer course, a small cup of the most airy, chunkless, smooth and “coolingly” delicious plain ice. I suspect that my sincere appreciation for the unwavering quality of his creation’s cherished output was being rewarded. I miss his smile.

    I Luvs me sum Hansen’s!

  37. Kristin myers says:

    We just brought our 5 and 2 year old for their first visit last week. It has ruined them for any other frozen treat ever. They have not stopped talking about them, although the 2 year old won’t stop calling them his “ice colds.”

  38. Cherie Feanz says:

    I loved watching my babies have their first Hansen’s snowball!

  39. Carla Wilson says:

    I love going to Hansens when I am in NOLA there is not a snow cone like it anywhere in the world! Love it!!

  40. Brent Coussou says:

    Every time we go to Hansen ‘ s is like heaven! The best snoball bar none.

  41. Leigh Palmer says:

    I’ve always loved Hansen’s! I remember waiting in line for an hour to get my nectar cream snoball! Now, my own children have to visit every time we’re in New Orleans. My newest favorite memory!

  42. Kevin Dalton says:

    Every time I go is my new favorite time!

  43. Marie says:

    My favorite Hansen’s memory is from when I took my now-husband, then-boyfriend there for his very first Sno Bliz. He loved it!

  44. Suzie Tarpley says:

    Taking my little girl for the first time…

  45. Staci Mulkerrin says:

    My first time at Hansen’s was the summer of 2005. I ordered cream of chocolate with condensed milk, there were two lovely ladies working that day. And Mrs. Mary & Mr. Ernst were sitting in there stop on the side watching all the people. I thanked both of them for the best snowball I had ever had, they smiled at me and said you are welcome. Katrina followed soon after that visit. I ended up becoming quite good friends with the two lovely ladies from that day , turns out it was Ashley and Sarah. I am so glad that I got to meet Mary and Ernst and that Ashley has continued the tradition.

  46. Sarah Cook says:

    As a relatively new transplant to the area, I don’t have any long term memories of Hansen’s, but I have already formed a few with my daughter. The drive over to your shop is always entertaining while listening to a three year old discuss her flavor choices. She tells everyone in line what she’s getting (and plays with any dogs waiiting outside) then we take our cups to Audubon and play or watch the ducks. We already love Hansen’s!

  47. Vanessa says:

    My favorite memory is bringing my son for the first time, when he was 3.

  48. Liz says:

    Waiting in those long lines that seemed to wrap around forever…looking at all of those old pictures on the walls…watching others get their delicious snowballs..and then finally: my turn! I would order coconut cream with condensed milk. Heaven…melting snow in my mouth. Perfection.

  49. Donna says:

    I have way too many memories of Hansen’s but I remember being very excited when I heard they were opening after Katrina. My most recent is going to Hansen’s recently with my daddy and my 2 children. Glad I can share this tradition with them and make new memories.

  50. Kristina Pearson says:

    My favorite memory was the first time my daughters had Hansen’s. I really could see Edison’s lightbulb above their heads. The smiles and giggles that ensued were priceless. When it comes right down to it, my favorite memories of Hansen’s happen every time we are there! We are greeted with Ashley’s smile and the best snowball ever. I was fortunate enough to meet your grandparents and your grandmother made me fall in love with Sno-Bliz and nectarine. She was right, the best flavor combo!

  51. Jessica pratt says:

    Took my girls there for the first time last year while we were home visiting!!! Strawberry for me!!! It’s so nice to show my girls a piece of home each time I bring them down. We miss Nola so much

  52. Amanda N says:

    I love the memories made when sharing Hansen’s with my children, from sitting outside waiting for the store to open to picking the flavor of the day.

  53. Jess says:

    Hansen’s is our Friday tradition… and if the kids lose a tooth….. and if they get good grades. .. and when it’s too hot…. pretty much any reason is a good reason for Hansen’s ♡

  54. Cindy Whtiaker says:

    I have SO MANY great memories of Hansen’s, but my favorite happened almost 5 years ago. My husband and I had just left our daughter at Tulane for her Freshman year (we are from Savannah, GA and she is our baby). Ashley told me to tell our daughter that if she ever was homesick, to come see her for a hug. That was the sweetest comment that I could have heard that day.

  55. Cori says:

    My favorite Hansen’s memory is my first Hansen’s memory. It only takes one time for it to become a habit!

  56. Jenny Austin says:

    Ordering $100 worth of snobliz so my four nephews from california could experience a true snobliz in every flavor their little hearts could imagine or desire even though they visited nola pre snobliz season. #gobigorgohome

  57. James Jang says:

    My favorite memory is the very first time I took all three of our kids to get Sno-Blizzes and they all loved theirs. They sat on the curb and ate quietly until they were finished and I had three very happy children on the drive home.

  58. elizabeth broussard says:

    I went on a date a long time ago. He had very little but he wanted to show me this place that meant alot to him as a kid. When we got there he ordered a snowball for me. One of the sweetest dates i ever had.

  59. Paula says:

    Hansen’s Sno-Bliz rocks my world.

  60. Dustin Chimento says:

    I have this soft spot for the city, but an even softer spot when someone in the food industry recognizes me or I am given the chance to introduce myself or talk “shop” with them. It amazes me. One of the highlights of my year so far was waiting in line on the first day Hansen’s opened this year. As the doors opened, Ashley walked out and saw me. She smiled and gave me a big hug. I had to hide the tears of joy to know this wonderful person who sees hundreds of new and old people every single day, clearly remembered me from our multiple conversations from previous years. People like Ashley define this city, and she is shining star in this great place.

  61. PETER CALLAHAN says:

    Your cherry flavor is my favorite.

  62. Michelle Roberie says:

    My favorite Hansen memory is being there with my Papee (Cajun grandpa) who brought me there all the way from Ville Platte!

  63. Nicole Powell says:

    I always go to Hansen’s on hot sunny days. I literally crave the fruit punch, and I have built relationships with the workers and with Ashley. I constantly bring out of towners and others. There are many snoballs in the city but no other snobliz. There is nothing like Hansen’s!

  64. Marisa says:

    Getting a lemonade half cream of strawberry snoball at Hansen’s on opening day and sitting on the side of the building enjoying it!

  65. Kristin Bray says:

    Hansen’s has been apart of almost all of my life’s special moments. From childhood visits with my grandmother, to my wedding, to my doctorate graduation party. It’s symbolizes pure joy to me and I hope every happy memorable moment will have Hansen’s in it.

  66. Jaina says:

    My favorite memory is my first Hansen’s experience. We waited until the doors opened. It was a hot day in early May. As soon as we sat outside, ready to dig in, it started to downpour. We ran to our car and sat inside, soaking wet. Even with the rain it was delicious and I was hooked! Cream of peach with condensed milk was my first sno-bliz. I live in Washington state and miss Hansen’s so much!

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