Pictures at Hansen’s

Jul 02 2013 | By

Two recent posts full of wonderful pictures taken at our shop:

From NOLA Eater: Hansen’s Sno-Bliz, Tuesday, 5 p.m.

Here, photographer Todd Voltz captures the essence of the Sno-Bliz experience. From waiting in line with sweaty adults and antsy children, to trying to decide what flavor to get ? Cream of Nectar? Satsuma? Both??while taking in the hoarded ephemera of Hansen’s past and the sound of their original ice-grinding snoball machine. And the best part, enjoying that hard earned Sno-Bliz on the sidewalk, while cars whiz by on Tchoupitoulas and the sun sinks down into the big pink sky. Welcome to summer time in New Orleans.

Olivia Grey Pritchard Photography with a kid’s mini-session. These kids are seriously adorable and sure love their snoballs.

 Olivia Grey Pritchard Photography

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