Hansen’s Sno-Bliz to the rescue with true Sno-Bliz Aid!

Jul 14 2010 | By

The debacle in the gulf, and an enduring sense of helplessness, has inspired Hansen’s owner Ashley to create a new bliz to help save the marsh and swamps of Louisiana’s vanishing coast. At Hansen’s, we desperately want to help and do something meaningful, New Orleans-style.

Come join us in our effort by sipping and slurping our new Swampitoulas Sno-Blizzes and Sodas. These will be served in a special biodegradable cup, designed by local artist Caesar Meadows. Cups are the 16oz size and will cost $5. All proceeds will benefit BTNEP, Barataria Terrebonne National Estuary Program.

Swampitoulas Cup

Try one of our new flavors, only available in the Sip-A-Swampitoulas cups:
The Swampitoulas: verdant vanilla (it’s green!)
Brown Pelican: a frothy root beer cream
LimeAid: a tart lime.

You can always get your favorite Hansen’s homemade flavor instead.

Ashley is also bringing back the Sno-Bliz Soda just for the Sip-A-Swampitoulas cup. By adding soda water your sno-bliz is turned into a delicious slushy concoction.

Help save our swamps and air-condition your tummy at Hansen’s Sno-Bliz. Available now.

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