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Aug 02 2009 | By

In the past week, Hansen’s has been in 3 major newspapers / magazines.

First, Hansen’s was listed as the New Orleans location in USA Today’s “10 great places to eat regionally, eat well.”

The “eat + run” section of August issue of Every Day with Rachel Ray magazine, focused on shaved ice. Hansen’s was one of four in the country that were listed.

Finally, the Los Angeles Times author Kathy Price-Robinson did “A search for New Orleans’ best snowball“. In my opinion, she wrote one of the most lovely descriptions of what it is like to visit Hansen’s:

“As I watch the creation of my snowball, I feel as though I’m in Ashley’s kitchen. She layers the snow and syrup, one after another, snow then syrup, snow then syrup, in a leisurely manner. She isn’t so much cycling through the customers as she is honoring her grandparents. What that means, though, is slow service… . [The] wedding cake does not disappoint. It tastes like cake and frosting in a cup and the snow is soft, light and irresistible. It could well be the finest human-made snow on the planet. It’s perfect, really.”

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