Roadfood at Hansen’s

May 31 2009 | By

Roadfood menuLast month the Louisiana Roadfood Festival tour stopped by Hansen’s for some snoballs on their way out to the bayou.

This is what Bruce Bilmes and Sue Boyle had to say about it on the Roadfood Digest blog:

This is New Orleans, good people, so Stephen added a Roadfood lagniappe to the trip: on the way, the buses stopped at Hansen’s Sno-Bliz! … There were three flavors available for Roadfooders: Satsuma, Strawberry (?), and Nectar. Did we hear somebody say that Nectar was some sort of citrus/vanilla combo? Satsuma was a tart orange flavor that Sue and Bruce tried and found extremely refreshing. The others were said to be sweeter. You could have had yours with some sweetened condensed milk on top too, if you wished. We wished!

Kiki Maraschino at Here, Eat This:

At Sno Bliz they layer ice and syrup to make sure the ice is fully saturated. When I asked the difference between a snowball and a snow bliz, they said, “well, it is our brand name.” They also have a flavor called “bliz” that most people liken to tart strawberry. I love that they have a size called “baby duper”.

Other posts about the stop can be found at Eating in Translation and The Jetsetting Fool Cooks (and Eats!).

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